Partituras Misa Sinodal Palazon


Partituras Misa Sinodal Palazon

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A Year of Dreaming in Code – federicoponzi

A lot of start-ups fail. Why? Because they don’t dream big enough and don’t
have a business model. That’s why at Dreaming In Code we always focus on
start-ups with well defined business model.

As evidenced by numerous laws passed in the
past and upcoming sessions in
Washington state, employers are required to
do the following in connection with
employees’ tobacco use:

Promptly notify all employees (and their
spouses, if the employee is covered under
the spouse’s health plan) if they use
tobacco products.

Provide reasonable access to smoking
cessation aids in the workplace.

Provide covered smoking cessation treatments
for employees free of charge.

Enact employer laws that eliminate violations
or penalties.

While each legislative proposal is
unique and can take different forms,
at times there seems to be a common theme
in many lawmaking proposals. This
is the argument that all cigarettes,
pre-rolled, loose, or rolled should be
subject to an excise tax because there
is a strong argument to be made that
the sale of cigarettes causes the
majority of the costs of tobacco
related illnesses.

We point out that many states already
have such excise tax laws or have
passed laws that would make such a
tax a „mandatory” tax. However,
legislators in Washington state have
continued to debate the choice of an
„either-or” tax or „and” tax. To
the extent that such an issue comes
before a legislative body, we will
continue to argue that the excise tax
is the most sensible and fair way to
address the issue.

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